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Telephone or Online Troubleshooting/Support (billable by the half hour)   $15.00/hr
Onsite Troubleshooting/Support (billable by the half hour) $20.00/hr
Training - Microsoft Windows® Software Programs (Word®, Excel Spreadsheet®, Outlook®, Windows®, and more. $15.00/hr
IPOD®, MP3, Zune® music downloading, CD/DVD backup files, digital photos. $15.00/hr
Email setup, smartphone synchronization/setup. $15.00/hr
Software Installation (anti-virus), speed-up your computer, back-up your files. You purchase the software. $15.00/hr
Wireless Internet setup, printer installation. $20.00/hr
Website Design/Consulting (contract pricing available and payment terms) $25.00/hr
Make your computer faster and more efficient, simplify! $15.00/hr
Website Programming $50.00/hr
Diversified Office Services (Rate A): Bookkeeping System Setup (i.e. Quickbooks®, Quarterly Tax Preparation $40.00/hr
Diversified Office Services (Rate B): Bookkeeping/Existing System, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Data Entry, Administrative Services, Transcription & Digital Transcription, Bulk Mailing, Advertising Brochures, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Billing, Scanning of images, importing scanned images or clip art to your document. $20.00/hr
Diversified Office Services (Rate C): Email Marketing, Research via Internet, Errands (post office, copy center, etc.), Scheduling Appointments, Planning Meetings and Events $15.00/hr
Diversified Office Services (Consulting Rate): Business Management & Accounting Consulting $25.00/hr
Diversified Office Services (Bookkeeping Rate): Bookkeeping System Setup (i.e. Quickbook®) $40.00/hr


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